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Do I have to log in to view HC-CARGO’s eCat?

No, there is no password required to search in our HC-CARGO eCat. However, a username and password is required to use the HC-CARGO e-Commerce facility.

What does the search engine look for?

The HC-CARGO search engine looks for matches against:
  • HC-CARGO product references
  • OEM and Competitor Cross References
  • KBA number (German market only)
  • Vehicle Models

How large is your online product range?

Our site covers our entire HC-CARGO program which consists of over 30,000 HC-CARGO components

Do I need to include any punctuation or spaces in my search?

eCat searches numbers by default; no spaces or dashes are necessary

Is the search case sensitive?

No, the search is not case sensitive.

Do I need to enter a full OEM Reference?

No, the search engine will search for partial matches. Searches will be done against the beginning of the reference.

In the case of incorrect information displayed against a product; what do we do?

Please contact us and we will look into it immediately.

What browser does your site need?

We currently support all new versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari. For Internet Explorer we support version 7, 8 and 9 - for best visual result you need version 9.

Does your site support both Broadband and a dial-up connection?

Yes, our site will work on both - but for faster results you will need a faster connection.

Which screen resolution should I use?

You’ll have the best user experience at setting your screen at a 1280 x 800 solution.

Can I leave my HC-CARGO eCat open all day?

Yes you can.

Can I place an order through Tec-com?

We have not currently integrated our systems with Tec-com.

Fit to screen:

An easy solution to make eCom fit to screen is to use your keyboard. If you press “ctrl” and “–“ (minus) the contents will minimize or “ctrl” and “+” to maximise what is on your screen.