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All suppliers are expected to:

  • Adhere to the ISO9001 (2000) standard
  • Tend towards certification in accordance with the TS16949 standards and are currently to keep Holger Christiansen A/S informed about improvements
  • Document the quality and specifications of the product, either in the form of a test printout enclosed with each single delivery or in the form of the supplier’s documented uniformed product quality from previous approved specifications
  • Submit a PPAP document for each single product. Failing that Holger Christiansen A/S does as a minimum insist that the supplier deliver products which comply with the O.E. requirements/specifications as to functionality, quality, environment and production processes
  • Deliver a sample which is to be kept with Holger Christiansen A/S for 3 years
  • Deliver goods that agree with the approved sample. Products which do not correspond to the agreed specifications are returned
  • Be able to document that the delivered products meet the EU directive no. 2000/53/EC on “scrapped vehicles”
  • Make preparations for obtaining environmental certification in compliance with the ISO 14001 standards
  • Meet all relevant regulatory requirements about the circumvention of chemicals
  • Ensure an acceptable working environment against the certification of ISO 18001
Holger Christiansen A/S expects that suppliers already meet a number of these requirements. Holger Christiansen A/S requires that all work takes place under organised conditions and that neither slaves  nor child labour is used

Holger Christiansen A/S is entitled at any time to carry out an unannounced inspection of the supplier.

  • In connection with visits to suppliers or at least once a year, the purchasing department makes an estimate of all suppliers mentioned in the vendor card file

The estimate is carried out in accordance with the following instructions:

  • The estimation included judgement of following parameters: product quality, prices, reliability of delivery, service, quality control and terms of purchase and delivery.
  • The evaluation of the product quality is carried out by the purchasing department on the basis of the registered NCRs. The remaining points are given based on the purchasing assistant’s estimate.
  • The supplier is given a mark in the form of excellent, good, satisfactory, unsatisfactory.