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Our Product Range - Your Customer Satisfaction

Most spare part dealers offer only specialised programmes. We have decided to have a broad product range to meet the demands of workshops in the best possible way. At HC-CARGO, you can get all products from a single source.

The HC-CARGO product range is broad in many ways.

First, it’s broad in function: you’ll find all the parts you need to repair vehicles. From spare parts for starters and alternators to the units themselves, A/C compressors, lighting products and many other auto electrical spare parts.

Second, it’s broad in application: whether for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery or marine applications, you’ll find the right product. The conventional workshop will find just as much as the big remanufacturer.  

Our Starters and Alternators – Your First Choice

Our market coverage goal for starters and alternators is 100%. And, our engineering team  works hard on reaching that goal. Every day, we extend our range with new products and approach our target – today, we cover about 95% of European and Asian vehicles in Europe. We are proud of this figure, considering that the vehicle manufacturers constantly launch new vehicle models.

Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive exchange program for starters and alternators for virtually all makes and models under the brand HC-PARTS.

All HC-PARTS products are remanufactured in compliance with high quality standards. All wearing parts are exchanged 100% and all other components are thoroughly cleaned, tested and repaired or replaced. All components are tested thoroughly after each manufacturing step. In addition, the final products undergo a 100% end-of-line inspection.  Thus, products from HC-PARTS meet not only our own high quality requirements but also those of our customers.

The HC-PARTS exchange program is based on a simple surcharge system with core return. Reusing old parts contributes to the preservation of resources and helps to protect the environment.

Our Spare Parts for Starters and Alternators – All You Need

With our comprehensive range of about 10,000 spare parts for starters and alternators, we cover virtually all vehicles in the European market.

Our engineers test the spare parts  thoroughly in terms of best interaction, perfect fit and easy installation before the products are sourced. In this way, we continuously ensure high quality.

Our A/C Compressors and Components - Your Cool Business

The A/C compressor is a crucial part of a vehicle’s air conditioning system. HC-CARGO delivers a wide range of A/C compressors in the highest precision, which cover the majority of the vehicles on the European roads.
The range is complemented by a wide range of spare parts and components for A/C compressors.

  • Dryers
  • Filters
  • Condensors 

Our Lighting Programme - Your Bright Business

HC-CARGO offers a wide range of bright, long-lasting and economical lighting products for interior and exterior vehicle lighting. They fulfil the strictest legal safety regulations and are tried and tested a million times. The range is continuously extended with innovative products like LED-products, for example.

  • Rotating beacons
  • Rear multi-function lamps
  • Bulbs
  • Work lamps
  • Reflectors
  • LED-lamps 

Our Accessories and Tools – Your Solution for Many Purposes

If you haven’t seen any products so far, you’ll certainly find them below. We offer many more parts for your daily business:

Electrical pumps. Horns. Blowers. Ignition switches. Wiper motors. Wiper arms. Wiper blades. Gauges. Battery isolators. Converters. Universal lambda sensors. Parking assistants. Reverse alarms. Rear observation systems. Glow plugs. Shutdown solenoids. Wiring. Fuses. Relays. Plugs. Sockets. Multifunction testers. Extractors. Switches. Contacts.

”The catalogue in my hands covers only a small part of the complete HC-CARGO program. In all we offer about 30,000 product numbers. On a daily basis I work on extending the programme with new product numbers so we can serve you with the right products right on time!”
Anja, Product Marketing